Chromebooks and Tablets and Phones, oh my!

May 26, 2011
As time went on and machines got smaller, people started to see laptops floating around. Eventually cellular phones began to gain ubiquity and the phone companies began to add more features which eventually led to the invention of Blackberries, iPhones, Android phones, and some other types of smart phones.

It now seems pretty evident that the consumer market is thriving with options and influencing how businesses interact with their customers. Companies have to cater to varying media, form factors, and really have to individualize the experience.

An interesting development that I've been following is Google's Chrome OS. I enjoy having an up-to-date and stable environment for doing my work, browsing the web, listening to music, etc... However, I really don't like convoluted update processes for the OS and apps nor do I enjoy researching and installing anti-malware and antivirus products. Check out this quick introduction video for Google's Chromebooks. It's a pretty cute video that covers the avoidance of many of these issues. The really interesting thing about these are that they will only cost enterprises $28 per month total including device warranties, replacements, and hardware refreshes. That's amazing!

I would absolutely love this for most usage especially with Google Music Beta. The only remaining piece of the puzzle is a great browser-based IDE and I'm not sure how it handles photos yet.

Interesting times indeed!
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